Client Reviews

We enjoyed the content of Chanel’s [Principal] speech, I feel like it spoke to many of our girls! The content was original and very concise. I especially appreciated you putting activities of the [event] in line with [our program’s] Pillars. I think the speech was spot on!
— Girl Scouts of Central Texas
I want to officially express my appreciation to The Motivation Team for their assistance in my preparation for a professional proposal submission in June of 2015. M4H was the first and only firm that I reached out to as Chanel Geter [Principal] has historically been an expert as it relates to drafting ideas into a tangible format in a short period of time. Chanel incorporated the information into the format provided in such a way that was easy to understand, concise and impactful. I would absolutely use M4H’s services again in the future — primarily due to the fact that even with a hectic schedule, The Motivation Team was receptive to my time-sensitive demands. Their customer service shines. They met the goal by delivering an outstanding product.
— Corey G.
I have seen Chanel [Principal] be willing to push the envelope for the sake of calling everyone higher. I am impressed by her honesty; I have never suspected that she was playing to a crowd or manipulating a conversation. She is principled and diligently seeks to live that out with others. During our shared time [in graduate school], Chanel participated in a lot of conversations around process improvement for our...program. She also initiated...[formal] discussions around workplace and identify intersections. There were a lot of different (and even opposing) options, but that opportunity helped those involved appreciate each other and their perspectives on a deeper level. Chanel’s personal efficacy and belief that others can change for the better provide ample room for growth for herself and largely for those around her. She’s also fun to be around!
— Kanika P.
Where to begin…when a friend is an excellent writer, possesses tremendous business acumen, and has a caring heart? Chanel [Principal] is all of these things and so much more. She has been a trusted adviser and sounding board in both my professional and personal life for the last year and a half. From providing guidance on cover letters and helping craft my resume to navigating office politics and developing my professional brand, she has been there to be a steadfast voice of wisdom.

The qualities I look for in an advisor are wisdom, character, understanding, perspective, and patience. Chanel possesses all of these attributes and combines them with a keen ability to listen. She cares not only about your success, but also about helping you identify and reach your dreams. She does this by working hand and hand with you to develop the necessary steps to reach your goals and grow along the journey.

Through some very candid conversations, Chanel has empowered me to see how my past and present can propel me to my future. Furthermore, she has been willing to support me along the road to achievement. I am glad to say that, through my interactions with M4H, I have become a more self-aware and (self-starter) professional excited to reach my full potential.
— Aaron L.